7888 Mason Montgomery Road
Mason, Ohio 45040
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(513) 770-3123

About Us:

Located in Mason, Ohio, Sichuan Bistro is a new achinese restaurant that specializes in the authentic cuisine of China's Sichuan province. Unlike other Chinese restaurants that serve a more or less Americanized version of Chinese food, our food is truly authentic. In addition to familiar favorites that are found on most Chinese restaurant menus, we take pride in our Sichuan specialties menu. This menu features classic as well as modern dishes native to China's Sichuan province, as well as a few Shanghai dishes. Items from our Sichuan specialties menu are truly authentic, indistinguishable from Sichuan province's local cuisine.

Whether you are looking for a taste of China's exotic authentic cuisine or a simple and delicious stir-fry, Sichuan Bistro can meet your needs. Whatever you crave, something from our two menus is sure to satisfy. From the truly Sichuan flavors of numbingly hot Ma Po Tofu and melt-in-your-mouth tender Spicy Boiled Fish Filet, to the comforting sweet-hot crunch of American-Chinese style General Tso's chicken, our varied and delicious creations cater to any palate.

Sichuan Bistro is a truly locally owned business. In fact, the owner is Mama Chef herself-- unlike many businesses run under distant upper management, Sichuan Bistro's owner herself cooks and creates our culinary delights. Mama Chef can cook, and does cook in the Bistro's kitchen. Brought up by professional chef parents, Mama Chef spent her life learning the secrets of unlocking the pleasure in the complex flavors and textures of Sichuan food.

Mama Chef opened her first Chinese restaurant fifteen years ago. Over the past decade and a half, she has honed her cooking skills to an art. In addition to learning new techniques and studying modern cookbooks, Mama Chef takes much of her inspiration from customers' advice. Here at Sichuan Bistro, we take our customers seriously and cook every dish wholeheartedly. Mama Chef pays meticulous attention to every aspect of a dish-- color, aroma, flavor, presentation, and above all, the customer's opinion. Through this careful process of perfecting her art, Mama Chef has won many a loyal customer over the years.

Here at Sichuan Bistro, we are all committed to serve our customers and to promote the fine art and beauty of real Chinese food. We warmly welcome all to visit our restaurant and share in the wonderful experience and appreciate the beautiful art of fine Chinese cuisine.

In addition to our food menus, Sichuan Bistro carries Tsing Tao and harbin beer from China, Mao Tai liquor, and other fine spirits.

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